My 5 favourite Coworking Cafe house in Budapest

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Due to the technical developments in the last decade almost any job can be done from anywhere. The first iPhone was introduced 10 years ago, and nowadays everyone has a smartphone.


Naturally, not all kinds of work can be done outside of the classic workplace. For example, you can’t do surgery or chop wood anywhere. But a lot of jobs can be done with a laptop, wherever you want to. Many companies realize that with home office they can increase the efficiency of the employee (not to mention the loyalty) and can also save a lot with reducing the office space and travel costs. However, remote work requires a high level of self-control and motivation and raises the question of where to work: at home, in a café or a coworking office? The latter is getting increasingly popular.

At home there are many distractions and temptations, the postman, the drilling at the neighbour’s place, the too comfortable couch. A coworking office requires at least a month of commitment, so many choose a café instead. I currently work in cafés as well.

What are the most important features of a café for productive work?

  • central location
  • stabile, fast internet
  • good atmosphere, but not too noisy
  • good coffee, well-mannered staff
  • comfortable chairs
  • power outlets
Based on these requirements I collected my favourite places in Budapest. Feel free to send me some recommendations in the comment section!


I considered Madal on the Ferenciek Square to be one of my regular places, but unfortunately lately many others thought so too, and the place became overcrowded and stuffy. I found a nice alternative on the other side of the Kossuth Lajos road, in Petőfi Sándor street. This speciality café opened about a year ago with a wide range of coffees, nice interior design and great internet.


Hygge Cafe (Bang and Olufsen store, Bálna Budapest)

A lot of people do not realize that the Bang and Olufsen shop in the Bálna is also a new-wave café with a unique interior design, high-end audio equipment and a charming terrace. The coffee is good, the staff nice, the internet fast, but the place could use a bit more power outlets.


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Hi5 Pub Budapest

Hi5 Pub

Opened this year in the heart of downtown, Budapest, where everyone welcomes each other with a hi-five. From this week forward the kitchen is available as well, beside of the regular drinks. I’ve made an interview with the management earlier this year, and they told that in the creative room can sit 10-12 people, and the main room is available for bigger groups, events, meetups up to 35-40 people.

Eiffel Bistro

You can find all the big café franchises around Nyugati Square with almost always the same problems: overcrowded, expensive, not the greatest quality of coffee. If you take the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky road towards the Basilica you’ll find one of my favourite places, the Eiffel bistro. The best place to work with a coffee in the morning or in the afternoon, and a great place to have lunch as they offer 2 or 3 course menus during lunchtime

Kelet Cafe and Gallery

Let’s take a look at a good example on the Buda side of the city: the iconic Kelet Café and Gallery on the Bartok Béla road. Although it may be full and a bit noisy at times, the bookshelves inside and the terrace outside make up a charming homey place to work. The coffee is great, you can choose between many hot dishes, and the opening times are friendly: opens early, closes late, and is often open on red-letter days.


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