What is in the backpack?

Dallos Zoltán - mi van a hátizsákban?

I’ve never saw myself as a backpacker traveller, but I try to find the balance between the minimalism, practicality and comfort. I don’t bring unneccessarly clothes, and never have a check-in baggage. But since I started vlogging and photography, it is impossible to put everything in one small backpack, so I had to have new rules according to the airlines luggage policies.


Yesterday I made a vlog about my carry-on bags (and also there is a giveaway for a TOUAREG bag) – therefore I focus on my backpack in this post. But first, let’s check out the cabin baggage rules, to avoid the penalty fees at the airport.

» Ryanair: » The basic fare contains a small handbag PLUS a carry-on bag (55x40x20), but 9 from 10 times, they will put it into the luggage area – for free. With a priority boarding option you can bring both on board.

» Wizzair: Here you have to be careful, you can bring ONLY 1 CABIN BAG with you with the standard fare. The second handbag – regardless how small it is – you can bring on board only with the priority boarding option. You can put the small handbag into the larger one to aviod this fees, but it’s not the best and most elegant solution.

» EASYJET: Similar to Wizzair, but a little bit more flexible. You can bring ONLY 1 CABIN BAG on board with the standard fares, but the second small handbag is allowed with the following options: XL legroom, FLEXI fares or priority boarding. Up to you, which is more important.


My Opinion:

On one hand, you can be angry on the budget airlines, nowadays I red a lot of posts and comments about the problems at the boarding gates, people are crying and complaining all time. But don’t forget these points:
  1. You can travel almost for free. The competition between the european airlines are so big, that today you can drink your cafe next to the Dome in Milan, tomorrow you are chasing the nordic light in Iceland. Sometimes only for a price of a domestic railway ticket.
  2. There aren’t enough space on board. The crew can place only 90 baggage to the overhead lockers, but most of the aircrafts has 180-200 passengers. They have to regulate somehow.
  3. The budget airline company is not a charity organisation. They have to make profit somehow. We can travel for a very low price, but pay for every options. The average travel time in Europe is 3-4 days, everyone tries to put things in one bag to avoid the check-in baggage fees.
  4. It is your responsibility to know the rules before flight. Is someone is confused around you with the cabin bag policies, please forward this post to him or her. Thanks.


Dallos Zoltán - mi van a hátizsákban?

Now, back to my backpack:

» Macbook AIR 13” and chargers – my everything. For work, for video editing, for writing, etc.
» Small pouch for miniature things – cables, travel charges, pen, etc.
» Current camera is CANON 80D. Even tough it’s not mirrorless, still perfect for vlogging (flip-out-touchscreen, autofocus during video, and 1080p/60 fps mode) + kit lens + fix 50mm 1.8 lens for low light conditions + I already ordered the wide-angle Canon 10-18 mm, it’s silent and has an affordable price.
» powerbanks – at least 10000 mAh
» shotgun mic – I use the TAKSTAR video mic, compared to the RODE video mic, not bad quality, but reasonable price.
» wired earphones – I love my Apple Airpods, but sometimes it’s running out of battery, and beside this, the bluetooth connection has a 1/10 sec delay, which can be annoying during video editing
» Hard drive – Maxtor 1 TB – more and more space is needed for vlogging
» XIAOMI bluetooth speaker
If you have any questions, feel free to write me! 🙂


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