Adventures in May

Just sitting very high in the air, heading to Miami from Stockholm, just left the Faroe Islands, its still about 7000 kms and 7,5 hours left, this seems to be a good time to write my next article. Unfortunately, there is no WiFi on board, I can publish only after landing. (it turned out that Wifi is only available on European flights… life is hard 😃 ) But for exchange I have a huge legroom, no one is sitting beside me, I already love the Dreamliner 😃

In May I’m started the biggest adventure in my life so far. This is the first time for a long haul flight. The very first time travelling to America. First time to South-America. First time crossing the Atlantic ocean with a cruise ship. I’m really exited. The agenda for May: Budapest » London » Stockholm » Miami » Cartagena » Lisbon » Budapest

After spending 2 months in Spain I had a very busy week in Budapest, as expected. I managed to make some really good business deals, there was a photoshooting for Tommy Hilfiger and Seiko, started a new cooperation with my lawyer for PPC campaign management, and my pleasure is getting the chance to write articles in the future for 2 online magazines (, Our main project, the is going well, we had more than 15.000 unique visitors in 4 weeks, and finally we started selling the spots for advertising on the online magazine.

I continued my journey to London on Thursday, to visit 3 very good friends of mine. Thanks for the warm welcome, it was really nice to see you all again. 😃 It’s a good feeling to know that you can continue from the same level after seeing each other for 1-2-3 or maybe 10 years. I’m really glad for having friends like them. ❤️ And on the other hand it’s nice to see that, despite the communication of the government is hungarians are not “slaves” abroad, my friends are doing well, and they have a happy and balanced life.

I could imagine better wake up for sunday then this, I had to wake up at 3.30, in order to catch my plane at Stansted. It was the arrival and departure airport as well, practically the transfer to the downtown is longer then the flight to any european destination. Let’s go to Stockholm, I wasn’t even surprised for the delay, I got use to it, almost each plane was delayed this year. I had a secret hope that the weather forecast is a joke, and it’s not 6 degress there and snowfall… It was… 😃 I had put on everything I found, 3 t-shirts, 1 shirt, 1 pullover, and a jacket, for the sightseeing was almost enough. There are some disadvantages travelling only with a cabin-bag, but for me the mobility is more important.

On Tuesday, I check-out from my apartment, and after 1 quick skype call, i headed to the airport. Again, I have been procrastinating my next vlog for more than 1 weeks, but finally made it on the road 😃 edited and cutted quickly at the airport while waiting for boarding. From this time forward everybody is allowed to hit my head with the newspaper, not to procrastinate the next episodes! 😃

Now I’m sitting up 40000 ft high in the air, and i’m really happy. My best, most comfortable, most exiting and longest flight so far. Norwegian Airlines started many transatlantic flights with the brand new Boeing Dreamliner. You almost can’t feel the take takeoff, the service is perfect, and through the bigger sized windows, the panorama is stunning. I like it 😃


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