A large number of businesses are still using usually Microsoft Excel for various company processes, like customer list, partner list, financial data or internal task management. Even though everything can be done in Excel, there are many function that a simple but modern CRM system can handle much better.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps manage customer data. It can support sales management, deliver actionable insights, integrate social media and facilitate team communication.

One of my most important weapons as employee and entrepenuer was CRM systems (or ERP systems), because relying on these data can make responsible decisions in the company’s life and it helps for sales support.

 If you’re bored with the complicated Excel tables and there are 3-20 people work in your company and you want a well-transparent CRM system, do not hesitate to contact me!


Reasons why your business needs CRM

  1. Team-work: altough Excel can also set sharing or common editing, basically not for that. In a good CRM system permissions can be easily controlled, for example what kind of customer data you see.
  2. Customer Relations: it can be traced exactly when and what happened with the customer for example: What open tasks do you have? Is there a payable account? What products have ordered customer earlier?
  3. E-mail connectivity: a good CRM system is able to send individual or bulk emails, even by addressing customers separately with individual bids.
  4. Reporting Systems: CRM systems usually provide strong visual support for leadership decisions sales data, campaign statistics, customer satisfaction becomes available with two clicks
  5. Authority management: new colleagues, trainees, salespeople, customer service staff, and leaders can work on a separate eligibility level, thereby ensuring that sensitive data is only available to that person who is absolutely necessary.
  6. Automation: with a good system you can save a lot of time for your colleagues. If you look at CRM system as an universal colleague, then you will be sure that your investment will come back quickly.


Key features of a CRM system

  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Instant messaging between employees
  • Email tracking and integration with Outlook and Gmail
  • File and content sharing
  • Dashboard-based analytics


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