Malaga – The bright side of life (part 3)

A week later I’ll be out at the airport and waiting for flight heading back to Budapest. This is especially painful because I couldn’t avoid hearing about the fact that it was snowing in Hungary… I talked to some people here who were totally excited because they have never seen a snowfall, and how cool it was… I don’t like winter and cold at all, I don’t even do winter sports, so basically I feel better here.

This 6 weeks have passed in a blink of a time. I’m totally confused about the time, usually I don’t even know what day it is. The sunrise is at 8am, sunset is at 9 in the evening , therefore everything shifted by 2 hours. My body is getting acclimatized, since I wake up late and go to bed later. In retrospect, I made quite a lot interesting things, 2 very good friends of mine have visited me, I explored the area (Fuengirola, Malaga, Marbella, Gibraltar, Granada, Nerja), and met a lot of nice people. Sometimes I understand complete sentences when they speak to me, and this makes me feel happy.


What a trip like this can offer is invaluable: inspiration, new ideas, new connections and adventures. But the most important is that I use my brain, especially for language learning. It’s unbelievable but many complete German sentences came to my mind (17 years after the language exam), therefore I decided to set new goals, to be fluent in these 3 languages within 3 years (English, German and Spanish)
I moved to the central part of Malaga for the last week because the previous apartment was only available until 18th April. I managed to find a good price-to-value place again, it’s close to the central station (everything is here, trains, bus stop, airport is 12 minutes from here). Nevertheless, Torremolinos seemed to be more calm for me, airy and more cozy.

Last week I decided to apply for the NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero) number , and open a bank account. Foreigners are identified by this number (ID and Tax number combined together), it’s necessary for any official cases (long-term rental, buying a property, opening a bank account, mortgage, etc.). I not sure when and where it could be useful for me, therefore I decided why not… 10 EUR, and no additional fees in the future.
Even tough there is an office specifically reserved for foreigners, however only one out of 10 people spoke English. Not a good start. 😃 At the beginning, the process seemed to be easy, fill out one form and copy, ID cards and copy, pay the 10 EUR fee at any bank. Done in 2 hours and happiness. I arrived back to the police station enthusiastic and full with optimism, but due to the fact that I put my friends address in the form, they wanted to send me to Granada, instead of asking me, whether I had an address in Torremolinos? As a second step they wanted to convince me that I don’t even need this number. Finally we agreed, so the conclusion is even though the office is open 9-14, they don’t really want to work too much…

Overall, I don’t really want to move on, but I only have to survive only 7 days in Budapest, and another 1-month-adventure is coming, the cruise from Colombia to Portugal 😃 On the other hand, I managed to modify my 2 summer Eurotrips, and link them together. The results: I have a 100-days-roundtrip and adventure in Europe, approx 11 tickets, and for still less then 120 EUR 😃 I will visit Luxemburg, Malaga again, Mallorca, Corsica and Corfu… I like the app called Tripline, it’s easy to plan and visualise your trip, just there is not enough space in one page 🙂

I feel that I have to start a VLOG. Last night I watched this video from Gary Vee, and since then 20 times again. I feel that there are a lot of topics and ideas which can be interesting or inspiring for many other people. I don’t really feel comfortable with writing, maybe the making a video could be easier for me. Several friends have been telling me for months than I should do it, but it’s still difficult to make the first step. In the first video I will tell you why…


Feel free to ask any questions below, and I’d be happy to get any feedback, which topic would be interesting for you!

all the best, from Malaga!



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