Malaga – The bright side of life (part 2)


» Summary after 3 weeks:

These 3 weeks have passed in a split second, everything’s fine, the environment is homey, i’m building new connections… The balance of the first three weeks:
  • homesickness = 😃
  • weather = 20 degrees daytime, but the sun is strong,  so it feels like late May in Hungary.
  • everything is shifted by two hours, nobody is on the streets at 9 am (it’s reasonable, because after the last week’s time adjustment the sun rises at 8 am)
  • Spanish language fluency = 38% according to Duolingo, but I think this is too optimistic. (anyway, last week was a huge milestone, I ordered in the restaurant, with complete sentences, and finally I got what I ordered.. .:) )
  • Visiting neighbouring towns + Gibraltar = done
  • New connections = 4-5 ppl
  • Index rate, how seriously I take moving here >= 90% 😃

» Exploring the area

Favourite places in Torremolinos


Visiting Gibraltar

Stone Mine

Exploring Malaga

» Okay, but what do I do for a living?

I share with you for 2 reasons: On one hand I got many questions about this, on the other hand it’s good for me to think about it, and to collect my thoughts in a structured way. I decided in December that I didn’t want to be employed, and started my own businesses. After a few week the next decision was that i will work online only, and started being totally location-independent. It’s surprising, but it works: if you are focusing only on one thing, you certainly will succeed.

My 4 main business areas: online services/consulting, my own online projects, e-commerce and other offline businesses.

»» online services:

– consulting: business development, marketing, communication, brand management
– building websites, social media management, setting up online advertising campaigns
– remote assistant services ( – focusing on: online research, data mining, data recording

»» online projects:

I wrote about it recently. The marketing of the river Tisza had been undeservedly neglected, and 1 year ago I figured out to do something about it, given the fact, that I spent the summers of my childhood in Tiszafüred. We started this project in December, and launched the Facebook page and website in February. After 2 months we have 5000+ followers, the site is popular, we strive to provide useful content day-by-day. We are going to start the sales campaign next week.

We are developing a similar site to IloveTisza, but this will cover the whole Costa del Sol region (Nerja-Malaga-Marbella), with the same website engine. We are collecting all the restaurants, accomodations, attractions, rental services and party places, and building a complex, well-structured, easy-to-use informational website. Launch in April

otthon melege 2.0

“Otthon Melege 2.0”
I also take the lead role in website development, CRM system implementation and managing the whole administration on a project reaching 50,000 households in Hungary, significantly simplifying and accelerating their access to funds deriving from a major EU tender.


i took the first baby-steps, my inventory is active on Amazon, i’m experimenting with the FBA.

– other offline: I’m playing with the idea to buy a property and rent it out near Malaga, but that’s more of a future project…


  1. Hello Zoli!
    A Malaga Life is egy hiánypótló oldal lesz, vagy van már hasonló felépítésű helyi konkurencia?
    Az ötlet tök jó és bárkinek ajánlható, aki új helyre költözik.

    • Szia, köszönöm!
      van néhány gyüjtő oldal/hirportál, de szerintem a miénk komplexebb és jobban automatizált lesz, ezáltal hatékonyabban tudjuk majd fejleszteni.

      hamarosan elérhető lesz és beszámolok róla 😉

      köszi & üdv,


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