How to buy 5 tickets for 35 EUR?

WTF?? 🙂
When I saw the ad, I could not believe it, is this for real? And yes, I managed to book 2×5 tickets for 5-10 EUR price each. (Disclosure: I haven’t travelled with Volotea yet, if you have any experience with them, please don’t hesitate to write a comment!) I was wondering, if these prices are so low, then I should just look at it as an “option”, I’ll just book it now, and if I have time and opportunity to go, I will go, if not, I will throw the tickets away…
The Spanish airline company, Volotea promoted a huge SALE, mostly to Spanish, Italian, French and Greek destinations. Obviously, the business for them is in the price of the return flight, for which they charge a 10x higher air fare. This SALE is not for the kind of crazy people like me, who takes advantage of it, and will travel around Europe for (almost) FREE.


  • It’s hard to find good connections when it comes to discount tickets (this is the point 🙂 )
  • many discount flights depart late in the evening
  • transfer prices are more than 1x this amount
  • Just as with every other budget airline, you will be charged for the checked-in luggage, seat reservation, etc…
  • the SALE changes day-by-day
  • the travel itself is inexpensive, but the followings are not cheap at all (hotels, transfer, meals)

My strategy was:

  1. On the one hand, I convinced myself, that the tickets worth the price, even if I throw them away 😃
  2. First, I built up the “main frame” of the route. From Budapest it is easy and cheap to fly to Brussels, London and Milan, and to travel by train to Vienna, Munich, therefore I was looking for these cities as departure/final destination points. But I did not buy these tickets, they will be cheaper when the dates are near, last minute.
  3. I made a layer on Google Maps, and marked the POI-s (airports, flights), so it was easier to see the whole picture
  4. I highlighted the main hubs (now: Toulouse, Verona, Genoa, Venice)
  5. Corsica and Mallorca was a must, so I forced them into my journey (at the cost of give-and-take)
  6. I tried to keep calm after 3 hours but the maths didn’t work 🙂


And finally, I managed to book the following journey (I highlighted the tickets I have already bought)

  1. Budapest » Brussels (flight)
  2. Brussels » Lille, FR (bus)
  3. Lille » Montpellier (flight – 10 EUR)
  4. Montpellier » Bastia (flight – 5 EUR)
  5. Bastia » Ajaccio (?)
  6. Ajaccio » Nice (ferry, 25 EUR)
  7. Nice » Pau Pyrenees (flight – 5 EUR)
  8. Pau » Bilbao (bus)
  9. Bilbao » Mallorca (flight – 10 EUR)
  10. Mallorca » Verona (flight – 5 EUR)
  11. Verona » Milano Bergamo (?)
  12. Milano » Budapest
And for gratis: get a 10 EUR discount, sign up at the following link: 😃
(it can only be used in case the tickets cost more than 10 EUR)


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