Malaga – The bright side of life (part 1)

I have been living here for 4 days in Spain, Andalucia, near Malaga and by now I have some news to share with you. However strange it may sound that I live here since it is only going to last two months, but still I live as if I had settled down here permanently. I shop, I cook, I get up early run my errands and work the same way as if I were at home.
Love at first sight … I do not want to sound overenthousiastic 😃 because I’m still very much at the beginning, but I can actually imagine that this will be my second home from next autumn. In this article I will try to gather my own rational reasons with some practical advice, why I came here for such a long time, and why I felt like being at home immediately.

1.) Sunshine!!  😃

No wonder the place is called Sunny Beach. According to The Local Spain, in 2016 there were 320 sunny days in the year, it took the lead on the Canaries. In Malaga the sun was shining more than 3,000 hours, no wonder, that this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. People keep smiling and having a good time. From Malaga to Marbella there are plenty of English people, who get through the winter time here. They are right …

2.) Flights

Today I was out on the beach and due to the direction of the wind airplanes landed from the sea. I counted exactly 10 of them in an hour. According to the statistics, Malaga is the fourth busiest airport in Spain, in 2016 nearly 17 million passengers arrived (about 1.5x as much as in Budapest). In addition to the domestic traffic, passengers come from England and Germany. The 3 airlines with the most traffic are: easyJet, Vueling and Ryanair.

I chose the latter. It is still preseason, and since I bought the tickets in January, I managed to book this round-trip ticket for about 30,000 HUF. In summer, it’s more expensive, but a hint: you must check Brussels (CRL), London (STN) and Milan (MXB) transfers, in particular at Ryanair, for a small compromise you can easily save a significant amount of travel cost. The trip takes about three hours and this is basically the maximum that anyone can bear with the drawbacks of budget airlines.

3.) Airport shuttle

a. Taxi:

Airport-Malaga distance costs approximately EUR 20-25, and can be reached in about 15 minutes, depending on traffic.

b. Suburban Train:

the most practical solution. Malaga Renfe C-1 line is 35 km long from Málaga to Fuengirola and stops at the entrance of the airport. 12 minutes from Malaga and costs 1.8 EUR.

C1 train ticket price depends on which zone we travel to, it’s divided into five zones between Malaga-Fuengirola, ticket prices vary between EUR 1.8-3.6. The tickets must be validated at the entrance of the station, and there are gates at the exit.



4.) Malaga-Torremolinos

My choice was Torremolinos, 10 km far from Malaga, it is the first holiday resort in the west. Due to the pre-season, my apartment costs the same as in Budapest, so this period for two months practically does not cost more. I booked via AirBNB, it switches to a monthly price after 28 days, check it out! If you have not booked at Airbnb, try it, you’ll get a discount of 10.000 HUF, register with the following link: « »

This city is popular because it’s close to Malaga. The 8-km-long coastline full of beach bars, restaurants, lies adjacent to the bike path and walkway

Torremolinos, Malaga

5.) Prices

The prices are similar to the hungarian ones. The statistics are correct on, but obviously the locally harvested fruits and vegetables are cheaper than in Hungary. Basically it’s easier to live and eat healthy here.

6.) MeetUps

I didn’t waste the time, I started networking on my first days. I already signed up for meetups from home, we had the first English/Spanish Language Meetup on Saturday. It was good to see kind and open-minded people together.


After a long time finally being freed from the rat-race. This is the first major station during my journey, and so far, everything happened as I expected. Although only four days have passed, but because of these rational reasons I can already imagine that this will be my second home. The sun is shining, there are happy and well-balanced people, and I am a lot more creative, new ideas are born every day. I work more than at home, on the one hand because there is not that much temptation, on the other hand, I am highly motivated, to keep this freedom stabilized.
That’s it for today, I’m going to the center, although it is 26 degrees, the wind is very strong and my new laptop is soon covered in sand…😛


p.s.: Check out my new blog post: How to buy 5 flight tickets for 35 EUR 🙂



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