Visiting Krakow


I’m on the way back to Budapest, this 4 hour left is a good time to write a review about the last 2 days. This tour came accidentally last weekend, I’ve never been to Poland before, so why not? Given it was workdays, I had many things to do, I managed to work 5-6 hours daily, therefore all cases goes well it’s own way. I’m exited, because of starting e-commerce business on Amazon, launching a brand new online project next week, and everthing is allright in the world of outsourcing. The goal is the location independent lifestyle, as I doing my things online, practically doesn’t matter where I am physically.

Why Krakow?

Because of a great discount… 🙂 I’m following many travel sites, and the estonian company LuxExpress cancelling all the routes to Poland, therefore they made a big “lastchance” sale, every ticket was 1 EUR one way. So the return travel is approx. 600 HUF, less then the price of the morning caffee 🙂 (interestingly, the bus was almost empty, there wasn’t many people excited about the story)
The goal isn’t to travel on a very low budget, and being stingy, but to travel smart, and with optimizing the costs living a quality life at least as being home. Krakow is cheap, the prices are similar to Budapest (according to expatistan, it’s 11% cheaper )


I booked an apartment last minute via AirBNB, which was sitated 5 minutes walk from the city center. Booked on the lastday, it was discounted to 6500 HUF/night. It was clean, modern, full renovated minimal designed bathroom. Highly recommeded:

Must see places?

Most of the attractions are situated in the old town,  better than I have been summarized here:

What about nightlife?

I really like Couchsurfing, because of the easy-going open-minded people. I met an american guy living in Krakow for more than 4 years, he showed around the hidden places in the party district. The local people don’t like the city center, they are going to Kazimierz for partying. We were dropped into a big birthday party, saw many authentic places. There are pubs in almost every building next to each other, it is similar to Budapest’s 7th district. We must see this during the summer, when the gardens are open, and the crown is buzzing.

What about the costs?

This is the funny part, very cheap. 2 days adventure, sightseeing, partying alltogether ~17.000 Ft
  • tickets: 2 EUR
  • accomodation: 6500 Ft
  • 2x breakfast with huge latte ~3.000 Ft
  • dinner, beers, going out ~4.000 Ft
  • traditional dumplings for lunch: ~2.000 Ft

#travelsmart 🙂


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