Digital detox


My head almost exploded yesterday… System overflow. I had headache, and wasn’t because of the weather change.

Today I made a digital detox, after 9am I switched off every device, no email, no wifi, no 3G – for 8 hours. Grabbed a book and a pen and I went to the downtown for a lunch.

According to a research, we have more than 10000 impacts daily from the environment. Instinctively I reached for my phone at least 5 times, and then I realized that nothing is happening anyway… Crazy world.

I had a few hours free, and tried to collect the online things I manage, no wonder that people go crazy:

  • 8-10 e-mail inbox
  • 14 Facebook Page
  • 3 Twitter account
  • 5 Instagram account

Even though most of the push notifications are off, so is every 10 minutes something beeping.

We should have at least 1 day weekly without online connection. Actually, we did not miss anything …


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