Nizza, Biarritz, Malaga


I haven’t even started my journey, I’m already planning for June…

The “problem” was that, there is a Facebook page, where you can find super cheap flights acrossing the world. It’s pinned to the top, and on Wednesday Volotea Airlines announced a big sale for Europe with 5-10 EUR tickets…

But it wasn’t so easy, the cheap flights was with very bad timing, and hard to find any reasonable connection betweet them…

But eventually I managed to set up a plan, and bought 4 tickets for ~33 EUR 🙂 I’l fly from Budapest to Belgium, than Luxemburg-Nice, from Nice to Pau Pyrenees, traveling by bus though Biarritz, Bilbao, Santander, and finally fly “home” to Malaga 🙂


sign up to Volotea for discount:


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